Time Come

5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Time come!
5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Time come!

Well first of all I wanna break it down
nice and easy

Cause I know certain folk won’t be too
pleased with me

Especially when they think for a while

This youth with the smile is turning
out to be a wild child

See I been thinking lately
That if I bend any more
God knows they gonna break me

I give my all and they just fake me
(yeah yeah)
Irritate me with those smiles that are so flaky

From the path they wanna sway me, stray me

Time is now and they delay, delay, delay me

Underrate and underpay me
Then like some kind of game they wanna play me

Like a go-go up and down just like a yo-yo

Round and round like a clown called bozo

Well I ain’t going with that flow no mo’ Joe

From now on that’s a no no….
the time has come!


I hear some saying yummy yummy (mmmm)

But who be putting all that food inna
your tummy

Aha ha might sound funny, but it

I know you only here for the money

You think I ain’t got a clue, but I do

Believe me I can see straight through

So tell me who be fooling who,
as you
To bite the same hand that feeds you

Every word I say is true
I pray
forgive them Father for they
know not what they do

“forgive them Father” I beg you do

For they know not what they put me

Still I ain’t gonna judge (judge not)
and I refuse to hold a grudge

I am gonna stand up strong I’ll never budge

Even through the rain and the
cause the time has come!


Old time people used to say:
“Silent rivers run deep.”

“Youth man you better look before
you leap.”

“Beware of the wolves who dress up
like sheep.”

“And before you sleep, pray The
Lord your soul to keep.”

Yeah, I come to realize it just ain’t wise

for a ragamuffin youth to compromise,

Jah knows cause after all the hype and
the jive

You still gotta struggle to survive

But I’ll swallow my pride

And listen to the guide who resides

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“Spread the word to the Now Generation

So the time has come and I’ve made my

This ain’t no ego trip this is a

To spread the word so it can be heard,
By those who wanna listen to the

The whole truth and nothing but the

Especially the youth in this age

As we turn a page come on get
the time has come!

5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Time come!
5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Time come!

Time Come