Roots, Rock, Reggae

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From thr month of june to the month of may:
Roots rock reggae!
Sunday monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturday:
Roots rock reggae!
And i know i’m gonna love it till i’m old and i’m grey:
Roots rock reggae! sildenafil generic

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for Some like pop, some like rock, some like house or hip hop
When me operator put the music on the track
Me grab de mike and start chat
Man inna pants woman inna frock
Get pon de dance floor and start rock
Time for certain lyrics that are lovey dovey
Time for certain lyricks are very funny
But when it come to roots and reality
Just turn on the mike and give to me sildenafil tablets more Give me de roots rock reggae! (repeat)

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www By marley, peter tosh and bunny wailer
Just to mantion a few cause there’s many many more
Who spread the message of love not war
That’s why reggae has gone so far
To europe, china and africa
Down under in australia and in america
There ain’t no stopping the music of jah! Give me de roots rock reggae! (repeat)

Roots, Rock, Reggae