Never Give In

(chorus) We struggle but we never give in repeat Due to the governments joke system
A lot of families
Find it hard to make a living
To be young and unemployed is an everyday thing
That’s why so many youths gone ragamuffin
I know purchase

internet pharmacy Cause every government try the same old thing
Promise this promise that they promise everything
But when they get in power its a different thing
They forget about the homeless that need housing
Forget about the youth that need better schooling
Forget about everything that means something
To the people in the ghettos that are struggling
I know

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Chorus shop Things not getting any better in this world were living in
Opportunities slim the future looks grim
For a long time i cant see it changing
Those clowns are a day dreaming
Instead of coming down to earth they are star gazing
It’s an arms race nuclear waste
A shame and disgrace for the human race
Still it’s a race they all wanna win
So no matter who you are or where your living
You gotta get up stand up stand up for your rights

sildenafil 50mg Get up stand up try something
And no matter how hard never give in!


sidenafil So what you gonna do now
All the people in europe
All the people in america
And in the west indies
All my african people sale Although they are starving
We will fight against apart hate
We will never ever never ever
In the fight against brutality
Corrupted heads of society
And nuclear insanity
Hey hey

Never Give In