New Day Dawning

New Day Dawning

Pato Banton presents the last in a series of compilation albums released on his new label Gwarn International Records.

“New Day Dawning” features new and previously unreleased recordings during the Reggae Revolution Era, as well as some earlier releases from Pato’s favorite catalogue of songs that are relevant to today’s times.

Guest artists featured on this album are: STING, Fuzzy Logic, Amlak Tafari, Martin Phillips, Yaz Alexander, Big Every Time, Ray Beshara (RIP), The Reggae Revolution and Selwyn Brown of Steel Pulse.

Don’t miss the opportunity to own this awesome album that is both edifying and inspiring to those who enjoy Positive Reggae Music!


  1. Revelation
  2. Are You Ready?
  3. Stay Positive Demofeat Selwyn Brown of Steel Pulse
  4. New Day Dawning (Radio Edit)
  5. United We Stand – feat Ray Beshara
  6. The Voice Of Jah – feat. Doobie of Fuzzy Logic
  7. Life Is A Miracle (Live in Brazil)
  8. One People – feat Yaz Alexander
  9. Ven A Mi Fiesta – Feat Amlak Tafari
  10. New Day – feat B.E.T. (Big Every Time)
  11. Spirits In A Material World – feat Sting
  12. Dreams Of Paradise- Feat Martin Phillips on Flute
  13. New Day Dawning – Unedited version
  14. A Message For the Now Generation – Feat Jesus Christ

Giving Thanks!

Firstly, my appreciation goes out to all the singers and players of instruments that have been a part of my musical journey thus far. I also want to give props and much respect to my awesome family & close friends who have encouraged me in my mission to go into all the world & spread the GOOD NEWS through Positive Reggae Music. And last, but not least, I would like to say a huge “THANK YOU” to my extended family of Fans and Fellow Urantians who have shown me so much love and support over the years.

One Love Always – Pato Banton

Album Credits

Lead Vocals: Pato banton, Sting, Selwyn Brown, Ray Beshara, Doobie of Fuzzy Logic, Yaz Alexander, Amlak Tafari & B.E.T.
Backing Vocals: Steven Morrison, Mikey Nanton, James Renford & Antoinette “Roots Dawtah” Hall.
Drums: David “Skins” Foskins.
(Antoine Richardson on The Voice Of Jah)
Bass: Amlak Tafari
(Michael “Chango” Chang on The Voice Of jah)
Keyboards: Mikey Nanton
(Selwyn Brown on Stay Positive)
(Antoinette Hall & Chris “Squeeze Box” Hampton on The Voice Of jah)
Guitar: Paul “Solomon” Mullings
(Andy “Kush” Kushner on The Voice Of jah)
Percussion: Raymond “Bongo simeon” Walker
Saxaphone: James Renford
(Ras Beeken on The Voice Of jah)
Trombone: Steven Morrison
(Eddie Farmer on The Voice Of jah)
Trumpet: Bryan Watson on The Voice Of jah
Flute: Martin Phillips on Dreams Of Paradise
Engineered & Mastered By: Josh Achziger Of Cedar Recording Studios

Photography: Gary Greene
Artwork: Gary Tonge
Graphic Design: Pato Banton & Antoinette Hall
Compiled & Produced by: Pato banton & Thought Adjuster
New Day Dawning